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MADE IN THE USA! Above is my Custom made Mobile Workshop where all your Custom Handcrafted Leather goods are made! MADE IN THE USA!
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Standard Belt Prices:
9/10 oz Fully Tooled:   1 1/2" $40 (most common size),   1 3/4" $43,   1 1/4" $38,  1" $36   (U.N.O.)
9/10 oz 1 1/2" Drum Dyed Belts:     Plain Smooth $35    Textured $38    Fully Tooled $40
For THICKER belts see my MEGA Belts!   See Bottom of page for Complete Belt Pricing!
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Boy Scouts of America Belts
Wood Badge Belts,  National Youth Leadership Training Belts,
  Royal Ranger Belts

An Eagle Scout making belts for Eagle Scouts!



 Warning Sign clip art   Warning Sign clip art   Warning Sign clip art

Sorry, Boy/Eagle Scouts/NYLT...

Quality Handcrafted Leather


It seems somehow that I have "mislead" you in making you the belts you requested.
I have been told by BSA to stop making them...w
hich is a little confusing...
they license Craftool to make the leather stamps, but don't expect us to use them?
I buy commercial signs/buckles with licensed logo's on them all the time for resell with no problems.
I understood, that, if the licensing had been paid by Craftool, then we could use them anyway we like...I guess I was wrong.

Oh well, I hope you have better luck than I did finding quality handcrafted leather belts...
I could not find any.
All I could find was a few "mass produced rolled" belts.
Probably made in

It's been an honor and pleasure making the custom belts for you...
I wish you the best in life and your scouting adventures!




For similar belts for CAMPING AND THE OUTDOORS....see the CAMPING belt page.


Dear Mr. Wood:

I am in-house counsel for the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) and am writing in regard to your use of various Boy Scouts of America trademarks, emblems, insignia, and other indicia (“BSA Marks”) on and in connection with leather belts sold via your website,

I learned from your website that you are an Eagle Scout and once earned the Leathercraft Merit Badge. We are pleased that the skills you learned and practiced as a Scout have served you so well. (let me interject here...whatever little project I made for the badge did not launch me into my career, my friend's dad taught me the skills who owned a leather shop...just giving credit, where credit is due).  However, I must inform you that the use of any BSA Marks for a commercial purpose—including making, advertising, and selling products—requires written authorization from the BSA National Council. We cannot find any record of you having received such authorization, and so we must insist that you stop using the BSA Marks on and in connection with your products. We must avoid misleading consumers as to the relationship between the BSA and your products and services when, in fact, no relationship exists.

Within fourteen (14) business days of this email, please remove the BSA Corporate Logo (Fleur-de-lis with eagle and shield) from the background of your webpage and stop selling, advertising, promoting, or displaying any products bearing any trademark, trade name, emblem, rank insignia, logo, or other indicia of the BSA. Furthermore, please immediately stop accepting orders for any BSA products.

Please confirm your receipt of this email and your intention to comply with our requests. If you have any questions or wish to discuss, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Burgin Hardin | Licensing and Contracts Attorney


Legal Department

2109 Westinghouse Blvd  |  P.O. Box 7143
Charlotte, NC 28241-7143
P 704.588.4260 x494  |
 F 704.583.8232



For Santa Belt Prices, click Here!

Standard Belt Prices!

1 1/2" $40 (most common size),   1 3/4" $42,    1 1/4" $38,   1" $32   (U.N.O.)
 Any Painting/Coloring $5 extra.  Brown tones/red tone background staining are standard and included in the standard pricing, no extra charge.
Kids Belts $3 off regular adult prices. (Size 26" and under)

XL Belts $55  (45" up to 70"+/-)
I have to use extra thick and extra long belts which cost much more per foot.

Shipping/Handling: $8 Priority Mail add $1 for each add'l belt.

Example:  A typical belt w/o painting is: $40 + $8 s/h = $48 total

Expedited Service
Expedited Service (ES)  applies to BELTS ONLY, not Santa orders.
Normally, if I am pretty much caught up and there are only a few orders pending, I can have your order out in several days.  But, if I have a list of orders to get out, and if you are pressed for time, Expedited Service is available. This puts you at the top of the list. Order will go out within 1-2 days.  Expedited Service is an additional $10.  Add $8 for each add'l belt.

Example: Typical belt $40 + $8 s/h + ES $10 = $58 total

Email your order to me at: 


Just give me a call anytime at:


Greg Wood
Leathersmith, Since 1973
My mailing address:

Greg Wood
364 Windermere Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28314  
Cell: 843-251-7512

Make  Money Orders
payable to:

Greg Wood

Paypal address to pay to:



If by chance, there is a problem with your order, please let me know.  If I have made a mistake on your order, I will gladly redo it and pay the shipping also. 

Please READ about SIZING your belt.  It is simple to understand if you read the instructions.  I provide you 3 different ways to size the belt, so please try to do as many as possible.  If you are not sure about how to size it, just call or email me.  If you have any questions about the forms, the more questions you ask, the less chance of a mistake and you not getting your order perfect.

After receiving your belt and it is too small or too big and I followed your listed size on the form, I cannot make you another one for free. 
If I sized it wrong, I will be glad to make another one and send it to you for free....that is my Guarantee!

Just a note to say, I am a Christian and this is a Christian business.  I will put most anything on a belt except things and words that go against my moral values.  For example,  I don't carry "pot" stamps and will not put curse words or upside down 5 pointed stars (pentagrams) on belts.  I hope you understand my convictions on this, we are here to glorify God in whatever we do.

1 Corinthians 10:31
"Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do all to the glory of God."

...that includes what I put on my belts...



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Money Order or Bank Certified Check (make payable to Greg Wood)    If you make it out to New Creation Leathercraft, I will have to send it back.   I will not be able to cash it, so please make sure you make it out to:  Greg Wood....thanks!
Mail to:
Greg Wood
814 McDowell Country Trl

Asheboro, NC 27203  
Cell: 843-251-7512



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