Well, it's a new year and I am now back to making Santa orders. I will also be posting new belts on the site in March. The new shipment of OSB buckles should be here next week, so I am told! I will try to do as many custom orders and accessories as posible before June. In June the floatillas start here at the campground and will run for 15 weeks. So, there is not much time to do leatherwork. I will try to get out some Ready To Ship Belts during that time. See the 2024 Schedule below for more details. I hope everyone has a great Spring/Summer and I look forward to making your orders soon!

Please refer to current prices on this site, not the old site. Due to techical problems, I have not been able to update the old website. If you have a question on pricing, call me and I will give you the current prices....thanks! See prices below.

To contact me please use this site or send me an email with all the details you want. Email: [email protected] Please do not use text! will probably get lost or not read in time.


Feb 15th to June 1st:  

Custom orders which include Santa Belts/Buckles/Suspenders/Bags/Bell Straps/Key Straps/Boot Straps/etc.

June 1st to Sept. 1st: 
No custom orders!  I will be making only belts with OSB buckles (if you
need them), and post them online for IMMEDIATE sale and shipping.  All
I have to do is cut to size and ship!  My time is very limited during
this time due to having floatillas EVERY weekend for 15 weeks straight.

Sept. 1st to Dec. 15th:  

I will make as many Santa Belts as possible and post them online ready to cut and ship.  No custom orders during this time.

Dec. 15th to Feb 15th:  Time off to relax!

This is the first time in 20 years of making Santa goods that I have had to go up a bit on some items. Please refer to the price list below rather than the prices on the "old website".  Due to tech issues, I have not been able to update those prices.

$300 - $350 U.N.O.        SANTA BELTS

$400                       SUSPENDERS/HARNESS

$100                      OSB BUCKLE

$175                      SANTA BAG

$60                       BOOT STRAPS PAIR

$40 - $75              BELL STRAPS

$25 - $40              KEY STRAPS

Shipping and Handling:

$25 on most orders

$70+/- on International Orders

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