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II Cor. 5:17   "If any man be in Christ, he is a New Creation, old things pass away, all things become new."
Greg Wood, 364 Windermere Dr, Fayetteville NC 28314  Cell Phone: 843-251-7512

1 Thes. 4:11 "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, ..."

MADE IN THE USA! Above is my Custom made Mobile Workshop where all your Custom Handcrafted Leather goods are made! MADE IN THE USA!
"Not all those who wander... are lost"


Standard Belt Prices:
9/10 oz Fully Tooled:   1 1/2" $40 (most common size),   1 3/4" $43,   1 1/4" $38,  1" $36   (U.N.O.)
9/10 oz 1 1/2" Drum Dyed Belts:     Plain Smooth $35    Textured $38    Fully Tooled $40
For THICKER belts see my MEGA Belts!   See Bottom of page for Complete Belt Pricing!
For Santa Belt Prices, click Here!

  handmad leather belts 1 

Cell Phone: 843-251-7512

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Mr. Wood,
I received my belt today and I cannot describe how much I love it! It is exactly what I wanted and how I envisioned it. Thank you so much! See, I never even knew there were cool belts like this out there in the world; all of my belts have been from Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. Then I heard the song "Redneck Girl" by the Bellamy Brothers. There's a part in the song where they say "redneck girl has her name on the back of her belt". I thought, "What in the world?!" I had never heard of that, and I thought that would be kind of cool. So I looked up "personalized belts" on the Internet, and lo and behold, I found New Creation Leathercraft! I fell in love with the idea of personalized belts, and I knew I wanted to order from your store. I loved everything about the website (for example I loved the quote about patriotism at the bottom of the page!, and about how you won't put bad things on your belts, I think that says something about the quality of the work, and I absolutely love love loved how you really let people personalize the belts. It's not just a belt with a name on it and called "personalized", you actually let people design the entire belt! I think that's so cool! Plus everything is very fairly priced!), and loved the feel of the business, I knew I would get something of good American quality. And I absolutely did! My belt will last for years, and I can't wait to show it off. It has such a beautiful and unique look to it, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. I will never again buy a belt from anywhere except New Creation Leathercraft. Thank you so much again, and keep up the good work! God bless! :)  Claudia


Greg,  I received my Biker Concho Belt that we designed together today.  (in other words I gave you my ideas and you did the rest
with your imagination and wonderful talent).  I was so nervous when I was opening the box because this was something I have thought
about and wanted for many years!  When I finally got it unwrapped I was shocked at what I was holding in my hands.  The belt you
had just made for me over the weekend literally took my breath away!  It was so much more that I could of imagined it would be
(and I have quite an imagination).  It was perfect and truly a one of a kind work of art!  I will proudly wear this whenever I am riding my
motorcycle and probably every where else.  I want to sincerely thank you for delivering such a quality product in a very short amount of time.
It will truly be an honor to display this belt wherever I might roam.  You are an amazing and talented Leather smith and have earned a
customer for life!    Sincerely, Leo

Special Notes and Updates!

Occasionally My Secretary Dorothy may miss listing your order.

 So, if it has been a couple of days since you placed your order and you do not see your order listed, please email or call me at 843-251-7512 to make sure I have it listed.

If you are not on the list, it will not get made!

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New Cell Phone/Pen/Knife Holder!


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New Biker - Trucker Wallet with a Knife Sheath!


See Wallet page for more details!


Handmade Leather Belts 2 Welcome! Handmade Leather Belts 3

The Best Selection of Handcrafted Belts on the PLANET!

Over 500 Belt Designs!
Hundreds of Stamps and Thousands of Possible Designs...
Get Creative and Design Your Own!!!

Handmade Leather Belts

More Belts...

  Handmade Leather Wallets

More Wallets...

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Designer Leather Dog Collars Personalized Leather Dog Collars


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Handmade Guitar Strap

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  Handmade Leather Buckles

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  Life got you down?
Need a hand?

Need a New Life?...
...a New Start?

II Cor. 5:17
"If any man be in Christ, he is a New Creation,
old things pass away, all things become new."

Start a NEW life, a NEW Adventure with the ONE who created LIFE!

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Designer Handmade Leather Belts
Your Design or Mine

Maia's Handmade Leather Belt

My belts are NOT mass "ROLLED" manufactured belts, each one is Custom Crafted to YOUR specifications.  It takes about an hour for each one to be crafted.

         From this... 
  To this... 

Handcrafted ONE by ONE by ONE!

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 Handmade Leather Belts! 
   Your source for...
Personalized Custom Handmade-Handcrafted Hand Tooled Leather Belts, Belt Buckles,
  Dog Collars, Guitar Straps
and Other Handcrafted Items!

Like these cows...just say NO to:

Imitation Leather
Thin leather sewn together with FILLER!
Cheap 7/8 oz  "rolled belts"
Poorly crafted Half-Made belts, only partially finished
Store bought
Expensive belts that last just weeks and then rip apart!

My belts are made from 9/10 oz premium double shoulder cow/bull hides!
I can also make them out of 12+ oz for extra thick belts!
I buy the shoulders/bends and hand cut each strip!

I buy the shoulders/bends and hand cut each one!

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Don't end up with a half made belt!

Here is what to look for...

  • Ask if the leather is made from DOUBLE SHOULDER/BUTTS, DOUBLE BEND or BRIDLE leather/cowhide.  If it is made from  the SIDE of the cow, it is inferior and will stretch and roll in the back.

  • Ask the craftsman how long he has been making belts.  Amateurs give amateur results. Professionals give professional results!

  • Look to see if all the edges of the belt are beveled/trimmed/smooth.  If not, over time the sharp edges of the belt will cut into the belt loops of your pants.  Edges should be dyed, smooth and rounded.

  • Check the top and back of the belt to see if it has a finish coating.  If not, if you tend to sweat, without a finish coating the belt will absorb the sweat, weaken, roll and discolor your belt.

  • See if the dying is even and consistent. You don't want an ugly belt!

  • Look for double impressions of stamps and letters.

  • Ask if "they" make the belts! Are they really Handmade or just machine rolled?  Most rolled belts are made from the "side" and not the "double shoulder/backs or bridle leather", which are the BEST belt leathers. Stay away from sides.

  • If you see a rack of "seconds" or "mistakes", someone doesn't know what they are doing.   You may want to keep looking!

  • Make sure they size you properly!!!  If you don't run a measuring belt or measuring tape through the belt loops, your belt will NOT fit right!!!  Just for fun, let them size you and see how they do it.  See if they even ask you what "type" of buckle you plan to wear with your belt. It makes a 2"- 4" difference whether you wear a regular or theme buckle!

Finally, and it's true, you will get what you pay for!
I've been told over and over again that my belts are too cheap for the quality and workmanship.
But I want to keep the price down so it will be affordable to everyone. 

I have only seen a handful of craftsmen that I have been impressed with.
There are not many of us left that take pride in our work, who put their Heart and Soul into their work...and when you do, you get...

"Belts with Heart and Soul!"

Just Google
"handmade leather belts" and you will see thousands of links, but less than a half a dozen or so that truly make handcrafted belts.  I sincerely doubt you will find better made or better quality belts than what you will find here at...

II Cor. 5:17

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Below are just a few RECENT ORDERS...

To see MORE belts, just pick the BELTS page at the top of the page.

Some Recent Orders!

Handmade Leather Belts 4

Handmade Leather SANTA Belts 1

"His and Hers" Bathroom doors of Famous Texans, Texas Restaurant.

Handmade Leather Belts 5

Handmade Leather Belts 6

Handmade Leather Dixie Belts 8

Handmade Leather Concho Belts 9

Hercules Belt from the 1960's Cartoon

Handmade Leather Dress Belts 10

Handmade Leather SANTA Belts 11

Handmade Leather Western Belts 12

Handmade Leather Santa Belts 13

Handmade Leather Biker Belts 14

Handmade Leather Guitar Straps 15

Handmade Leather Concho Belts 16

Handmade Leather Guitar Straps 17
Hey Greg, just wanted to shoot ya a pic of my strap in action!! I love it man, and I'll def be sending folks your way!!

Handmade Leather Western Belts 18

Thank you soooo much!! Cherokee absolutely loves her belt!!! You did a wonderful job on it!!! I'm sure we are gonna end up ordering another one for our youngest daughter once she sees hers!!!! Thanks Again!!! Dawn H.

Handmade Leather Guitar Straps 19

Hello Greg, I received my guitar strap, belt and buckle yesterday in the mail and could not believe my eyes, God surely has touched your hands to be able to make such beautiful products from a raw piece of leather. All 3 pieces are the best looking products I've ever seen. I will be proud to wear these items while I'm out playing music, and will pass your name around as much as possible. Thank You and may God bless. Doug S.

Handmade Leather SANTA Belts 20

Handmade Leather SANTA Belts 21

Handmade Leather Belts 22


Just got my belt and it is amazingly beautiful! I never thought I could be so 'wowed' by a Santa belt, but this did it. The color, the style, the thick leather, the wonderful's perfect! I have a wonderful Santa suit, and this belt will only class it up more. Thanks for your wonderful was definitely worth waiting for! Thank you so much again! 
Blessings my friend,  Corey

Santa Claus Belt in Brown, Tim Allen Santa Belt version!

Santa Claus Belt in Black...Nice!

New Camo Paint! ($10 vs $5 standard paint fee)

Got my belt and strap yesterday. Love them. Thank you so much!!!!!! Dawn N.


Greg, Got the new belt a couple of days ago and I LOVE IT!  It's perfect.  Thank you so much.

Greg, got the belt yesterday absolutely magnificent! Exactly what I wanted! Your work is unmatched! Thanks so much.

Greg, Thank you sooooooo much! The belt looks amazing and Daniel really loved it!

The Belt arrived today, I cannot thank you enough, this is so beautiful, and the hearts in between the names are just perfect,
you are amazing, this will be the best anniversary gift he has ever had. Thank you again,
and I will be ordering again soon, you have so many beautiful items :)  Sincere thanks, Heather

Got the belt today! Absolutely love it! You do beautiful work.
Thank you so much for getting it here so fast. I will definitely recommend you to others.

The belt I received is great, I look forward to getting more belts for the family.  My dad will love it . 
Grade A+ quality as the rest of the belts.  

Red/Black design.

Hey Greg! The belt is awesome! He absolutely loves it!
It turned out better than I anticipated, you did a great job. Thank you so much!

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Customer Feedback
Quality and Craftsmanship???....Ask my customers!

Greg, I received my belt and I love it! It is so much more than I expected! Its perfect! I absolutely love the colors you put into it and that it is personalized with my profession and initials on it. I have already gotten a ton of compliments and have told every one who asks about it where I got it. Its plain to see that you have an amazing talent sir! Thank you again for the amazing belt! God Bless!   V.Cook RN
Just a quick note to say we love the belts, and are very impressed with their quality and workmanship. They arrived last Friday. Thanks again for your excellent communication and great service.  Regards, - Chris P.
Greg, The Santa belt arrived yesterday afternoon. I LOVE it! Way more than I expected. You do amazing work. I can't wait till Christmas. I know a couple of other guys that serve as Santa's also and I plan to show them the new belt.   God's Peace, Bryan C. <><
Hello Greg-  We got the belt in the mail today.  I am very impressed with how fast you made and shipped the belt, Thank You.  And my fiancé and I both love the belt.  It is perfect for our wedding and for his new favorite belt.  I also showed the belt to my mom and she was very impressed the quality.  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We wish you the best with your business!  You do incredible work!   Tracie L., MI
Greg, Words cannot explain the JOY that the Santa Belt has brought me and my wife.  I am sure that it will have a big impact on the children and adults that enjoy SANTA.   It is just beautiful and I can't wait to wear it.  I can't thank you enough.  Thank You and God Bless You.  You have a God given talent.      Thanks Again,      Albert (SANTA)   ps: it is like everybody tells you ,IT LOOKS EVEN BETTER WHEN YOU SEE IT!
Greg, I got the belt and I love the way it turned out.  It is exactly what I wanted and I cannot wait to give it to my husband.  Thanks and I look forward to seeing some buckles and doing more business in the future,  Now, I want a belt and I want my dog to have a new collar!!  Amanda W., OK
Hello Greg The belts arrived today and WOW they are out right awesome. I love them! I haven't even put the buckles on them yet, they just hang up while I stare at them. I belong to a group of Real Bearded Santas (AORBS) I put your info and website on their web page so if other Santas are looking for a belt they can call on you hope it works out.  Greg Thank You very very much these belts where well worth the money and you took your time to make them look great. Greg keep in touch I hope you have great year. Talk to you soon. Again, WOW GREAT JOB!
David M.
Greg, I got the belt and my husband LOVES it!  We will be ordering another one here in the near future!  It is SO nice to see such good craftsmanship for such a good price! God Bless, Amanda H., Co
I received the belt today and I really appreciate the quick delivery.  The belt is absolutely beautiful and I'll be ordering more in the future.  Actually I loved the belt so much that I could not wait until next week to give it to my husband as an anniversary gift.  My husband loved it!!  Sincerely,  Connie W., KY
Got the belt yesterday. WOW!!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL. The pictures you sent were one thing. But seeing it for real was another. I LOVE IT!. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks again. You are truly a gifted craftsman.
Thank you and I hope your upcoming holidays are the best.
Hello Greg, We received the collars yesterday and they're beautiful!!!
Thank you very much and maybe till another time!
Amber E. ,  Netherlands
Received the belt yesterday, and I just love it.  Beautiful workmanship; looks great!  Well pleased indeed! Thanks-- Mark C., Columbia, SC
Hello Greg,  I received the belts today and they are perfect. I'm going to take them home and try them on with jeans.  Dealing with you has be fabulous. I deal with businesses on a daily basis and its seems to be rare to find companies that communicate promptly and thoroughly. Dealing with you I have been completely satisfied and I'm extremely happy with the final product. I plan on ordering other belts from you in the future. I also will recommend you to all my friends. I think these belts are a great gift idea. Steven N., CA

29 belts for Friends/Family/Employees

Greg, when I decided that belts would make a memorable and lasting gifts, I researched sources widely. I was drawn to your web site and felt you offered a distinctive quality. The belts arrived and your care and craftsmanship shows clearly, the belts are superior. I very much appreciate you going the extra step to get them to me on time. Thank you very much.    Best regards,  Jerry S., PA.

Hi Greg - we received the belt a few days ago and it is fabulous!!  Thank you for the outstanding work. Enjoy your holidays!   Kris H., Portland, MI
Sir,  I am writing in regards to the belt you made for Sarah.  Sorry it has taken me so long to write you back, but since arriving over seas, I have been very busy.  Thank you for such a great belt.  She absolutely loves it, and asked me to thank you for a job well done.  Again thanks for excellent service, and outstanding craftsmanship. Brandon F. Houston, TX

Dear Greg, The belt arrived yesterday and I've been wearing it ever since. I want to thank you again for your professionalism and craftsmanship. Over the years, I've purchased several unique leather belts in places like Argentina and the Southwest and I can honestly say that this belt is hands-down the most beautiful in terms of craftsmanship and quality. I assure you I intend to be wearing it for many years to come and will enjoy directing others to your website when they inevitably ask where I acquired it. Thanks again! Regards, Tyger L. Washington, DC

Hey Greg, I got the belt today, and it is amazing! I love what you did with the music notes and stars, it's just fantastic! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it! In fact I love it so much, I'd like to talk about having a wristband done with the same design! Nick A., MO.

 Greg - the belts look AWESOME. Everyone is very impressed.  I will pass along your company info to any clients or fellow Calgarians that like what they see.  Great Job!  Wendy H. Office Mgr. 
100 belts for a Canadian Co.

My belts got here Saturday, and I have never seen any thing so beautiful. I found this web site months ago and debated about ordering. Now I wish I would have done it sooner. I have never been so happy with anything that I have ordered before. The price was also a big bonus. I received my belts so fast it was just unbelievable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thank you for doing such a good job!! I will definitely will order from you again. Was very surprised and excited about seeing the belt on the web site . Thank You so much.   Kevin R., MO.

Greg,  We received our belts recently for our two children, a girl and a boy.  They are adorable!  You wouldn’t believe how many people have asked where we got them.  Our little girl is 4 and and our baby boy is 1 and they are the tiniest little belts and look adorable on them!  Our 4-year-old asks to wear hers (we got 2 different ones for her) every day!  I believe both of them have worn them everyday since we received them in the mail.  They are of the best quality and we are very pleased.  Thanks again for a job well done!  H and B  Charleston , South Carolina

Greg, I just wanted to let you know, I got those belts, and OH MY GOODNESS, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe the quality and the detail, they were made to MY order, unique and one of a kind. My husband will be thrilled!  I don't know if I can wait until Valentine's Day or not, I may just have to give them to him today. My guitar strap is out of this world, I absolutely LOVE it. You have done the BEST leather work I have ever seen, it is just spectacular. I WILL absolutely be back to shop with you again, and I will give your web address to everyone that sees and wants one of these belts. We will be a walking billboard for you, you can use this as a testimonial if you would like..... Thanks again and God bless....-Cissy D. KY

Greg, I just received my belt today and all I can say is WOW! I have had many belts in my day buying them at fairs and flea markets and yours put theirs to shame! I love the fact that you know just how to get a perfect fit. Your instructions and communication is only surpassed by the beautiful expert craftsmanship and quality of your belts. I am going to tell everyone I know about you and your website. This belt looks like it will outlast me! The only way I would have to buy another will be to get another style. Which I probably will. Also you make it so easy to customize your belt just the way you want it. Anyone out there reading this all I can say is go no where else to buy a belt. This man is a leather expert! Sincerely, Kevin W. Ma.

Greg, The belt arrived today - it's lovely and very good quality, I'm really pleased.  Thanks very much for your prompt service, it's so good to deal with someone who answers e-mails quickly and gets things done when they say, such a pleasant change from some companies!  I'm sure my husband will love the belt and I'm very grateful for your efficiency and for making such a great product.  MaryB., Bridport, UK

Greetings: I Love my new Belt! It is so beautiful I cannot wait to wear it. The service was so incredibly fast if it were not a custom belt you would have thought you already had it made up. And with your guidance and advice it fits perfectly!  (Thanks for putting it on your web so everyone can see my beautiful belt)! : )  I am very proud of it.  A real happy Top Hand Cowgirl in Akron, Ohio  Rosanna

Dear Greg, The two custom made belts you created are fantastic! I am sure he is going to love them! You are a wonderful artist! Thank you for such a prompt, professional response. The two free keychains are an extremely nice thing to do, and they are lovely. I wish you continued success and much happiness. I would, of course, recommend you to anyone!
Sincerely, Harriet G. NJ

Hi Greg,  I just wanted to let you know that the belt I ordered got here really quickly and my father just loved it!  Since Dad went blind a couple of years ago, I'm always on the look out for interesting tactile gifts for him.  He was able to trace his fingers over the fish carved in the belt and tell what they were. I especially like that the belt had a rich patina and a fine handcrafted, one-of-a-kind look to it.  I was also thankful that neither the size of the belt or the design were too flamboyant as my Dad is a clergyman and a rather understated fellow.  He recently wore it with jeans to a casual event at the church and got lots of compliments. Thank you so much for this unique item!   Karen B. Fl

Hey Greg,  Wow, the belt is awesome, I can't believe all the intriquite work. It must have taken you for ever to fill in all those little black ovals in the design.  This is definitely one of my favorites, THANKS for taking the time and doing it right. Like I said before, you are the master.  The quality and workmanship in your belts, is second to none.  Another winner for my collection.  Paul S. HI

Hi Greg...WOW, what an AWESOME belt. Thank you so much for all the help, the design you came up with is wonderful, far better than I thought it would be, since I had no idea what I wanted. I can't believe you made the perfect belt. Your work is incredible and more than impressive. The quality of this belt speaks for itself. I also want to thank you for such quick service, it was made, mailed and received within 3 days, also thank you for such great communication. Aaron sends a BIG Thank You for the neat wrist band you sent him. Thanks again for all the terrific help. I'm so glad I found you before the Holidays, I will be buying from you again....Cissy, NC

Hi Greg, Just received my leather belt and it is better than I even thought it would be. The slate design is great. Thanks again and you can expect more orders from me in the near future.  John C., NY

Greg, I have been looking for a high quality belt which will not only last long, able to support a holster and yet cosmetically beautiful, I have found it.  Your belt arrived and immediately I was surprised at the detailed craftsmanship and body of the leather, I am very impressed. I have also received compliments during a motorcycle run on Sunday.  Thanks again Greg.  Anthony, NJ

Greg, Unbelievable!  I put on the belt as soon as I got it, it fits perfect.  My roommate's belt fits her perfectly too.  What a great birthday present.  The design you came up with for her belt was great!  Perfect for a DJ.  She can't wait to show it off to everyone.  Neither can I.  Every part of doing business with you was nothing but an absolute delight.  I already have recommended New Creation Leathercraft to all my friends and family.  The belts are outstanding quality, original pieces of art, and unbeatable prices!  Thank you for the key chains also.  I can't believe you remembered my roommate's name was Kim after I had only mentioned it once on the phone.  That was a really touching detail.  I look forward to ordering another belt from you in the future. Sincerely, Natalie S., LA

Hi Greg, I received the belts today, excellent communication & service,  quality crafted product.  Pat O., Ireland

WOW! Your quality of materials and workmanship went above and beyond my expectations. I want to "Thank You" very much for your wonderful and kind efforts. Karl L., the 80 year old "Tawara" Marine who gave me the Marine belt buckle to place on your belt---well, it made tears come to his eyes when he saw the belt and buckle being worn proudly just a little while ago. You made an aging veteran feel good.  I gave the 2nd belt to him plus one of the Key Chains.  Thank you Sir for such a kind gift, it was appreciated by Karl and myself.    SEMPER FIDELIS from Karl L. -"Tarawa Marine AND Lou F. "Siege Marine from Khe Sanh." THANK YOU!  

Greg, I received my first two belts today. Unbelievable, these aren't just belts with a fancy design on them. These are handmade works of art. The quality and workmanship are first class all the way. Mahalo Greg, you're the best!!!  Paul S., HI

Hello Greg, Loved the belt very much, PERFECT, ultra high quality, possibly the best product I've ever bought off of the net!  Brandon J., AR

My belt arrived this morning, and do I love it!  Even more than the first one.  It fits me like a glove and thanks for making it so fast.   I'm sure it will last longer than the belts you buy at stores today, and I like them wide. Jerry N., WI

Dude, your cool, and yes the belt fits perfect with my Harley Davidson buckles.  And I must say that's one heck of a nice looking belt.   And it's much better leather than you find at the stores.  Jerry N., WI

Hey Greg,  Received the belts and key chains today, and once again, they are awesome. My son loves his dragons and I love the sailboats and seagulls, and that sunrise is unbelievable!! This is quality work and will last forever.  I just wanted to let you know that my son and I are thrilled to death over these belts and key chains.  Donna J., NC

Good afternoon Greg, I received the belt today and it's awesome. The best belt I have ever owned. Love the sunset and the Indian figures. Fits perfect! Thanks so much. Donna J., NC

Good Morning Greg... I received my belt yesterday and words cannot explain. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for everything and also for the keychain. Berenice M., FL

 I use only the FINEST Double Shoulder available,
I cut/tool/dye each belt to your specifications!

All belts
are Custom Handcrafted and signed by:
Greg Wood


© 2005 copyright Quality Handmade Leather Belts


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Handcrafted Personalized Leather
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For Santa Belt Prices, click Here!

Standard Belt Prices!

1 1/2" $40 (most common size),   1 3/4" $42,    1 1/4" $38,   1" $32   (U.N.O.)
 Any Painting/Coloring $5 extra.  Brown tones/red tone background staining are standard and included in the standard pricing, no extra charge.
Kids Belts $3 off regular adult prices. (Size 26" and under)

XL Belts $55  (45" up to 70"+/-)
I have to use extra thick and extra long belts which cost much more per foot.

Shipping/Handling: $8 Priority Mail add $1 for each add'l belt.

Example:  A typical belt w/o painting is: $40 + $8 s/h = $48 total

Expedited Service
Expedited Service (ES)  applies to BELTS ONLY, not Santa orders.
Normally, if I am pretty much caught up and there are only a few orders pending, I can have your order out in several days.  But, if I have a list of orders to get out, and if you are pressed for time, Expedited Service is available. This puts you at the top of the list. Order will go out within 1-2 days.  Expedited Service is an additional $10.  Add $8 for each add'l belt.

Example: Typical belt $40 + $8 s/h + ES $10 = $58 total

Email your order to me at: 


Just give me a call anytime at:


Greg Wood
Leathersmith, Since 1973
My mailing address:

Greg Wood
364 Windermere Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28314  
Cell: 843-251-7512

Make  Money Orders
payable to:

Greg Wood

Paypal address to pay to:



If by chance, there is a problem with your order, please let me know.  If I have made a mistake on your order, I will gladly redo it and pay the shipping also. 

Please READ about SIZING your belt.  It is simple to understand if you read the instructions.  I provide you 3 different ways to size the belt, so please try to do as many as possible.  If you are not sure about how to size it, just call or email me.  If you have any questions about the forms, the more questions you ask, the less chance of a mistake and you not getting your order perfect.

After receiving your belt and it is too small or too big and I followed your listed size on the form, I cannot make you another one for free. 
If I sized it wrong, I will be glad to make another one and send it to you for free....that is my Guarantee!

Just a note to say, I am a Christian and this is a Christian business.  I will put most anything on a belt except things and words that go against my moral values.  For example,  I don't carry "pot" stamps and will not put curse words or upside down 5 pointed stars (pentagrams) on belts.  I hope you understand my convictions on this, we are here to glorify God in whatever we do.

1 Corinthians 10:31
"Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do all to the glory of God."

...that includes what I put on my belts...



The easiest payment link is just go to:   and enter amount and follow the next link.


Go to ,  Sign In,  select PAY and SEND MONEY at the top of the page, then select Pay for Goods and Services.  (Send payment to: )

Please NOTE:  There is NO "s" on creation!  enter the amount and follow the rest of the instructions.    If you have a problem, just call me at 843-251-7512.

Paypal Customer Service 1-888-221-1161
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 6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM PST Saturday and Sunday



Money Order or Bank Certified Check (make payable to Greg Wood)    If you make it out to New Creation Leathercraft, I will have to send it back.   I will not be able to cash it, so please make sure you make it out to:  Greg Wood....thanks!
Mail to:
Greg Wood
814 McDowell Country Trl

Asheboro, NC 27203  
Cell: 843-251-7512